Environmental Policy

Minimising our global impact.

Environmental Policy

As a green business we are permanently aware of the impact on the global and local environment.  We continue to strive to meet our set standards of:

1. Incorporating principles of sustainability in all our business decisions.

2. Supplying environmentally friendly products and services.

3. Enduring commitments to environmental principles in our business operations.

AAS The Climate change
This is one of the major challenges facing the global population and our natural environment. Gas emissions released into our atmosphere are recognised to be responsible for this climate change. By monitoring our own carbon footprint, we feel that we are contributing to help the prevention of these emissions. We make monthly donations to offset our carbon footprint in the following areas:

• Reforestation in Kenya

• Supporting clean development mechanism projects

• Planting of trees in the London and Thames Valley Area

AAS Our Green Building
A green building has the greatest potential to reduce the CO2 emissions that are currently endangering our atmosphere. We have incorporated many areas within our building that will help us reduce the emissions:

• In April 2011 we opened an office in London W1.  The sole purpose of this venture is to eliminate the necessity of our vehicles to return   to the AAS Feltham depot and therefore reduce the carbon footprint left by our vehicles. 

• We have installed a combined heating and cooling solution which is considered environmentally friendly with a zero ODP (ozone    depleting potential) rating.

• In November 2010 installation of a state of the art NEC telephone system which is judged to be the most Eco friendly telephone system   on the market.  It emits lower heat and is made from recyclable casings.

• All waste paper is collected and recycled.

• Replaced all fluorescent lighting for energy efficient lighting.

• Paper towels replaced with hand dryers.

• Recycling of all used batteries and toner cartridges.

• Incorporated an 80% paperless system.

AAS Fleet Awareness
In 2011 we have replaced a number of courier vans on our fleet with London based walkers to achieve a significant reduction in our carbon footprint.  At Associated Air Services we are constantly striving to reduce the emissions from not only our vehicles but our partners and associates. We constantly monitor the routes that our drivers use and ensure that our drivers are aware of all potential delays or diversions. In 2010 we arranged the purchase of small low emission vehicles to replace our existing fleet.  

AAS Environmental Responsibility
We feel a responsibility to look at our ongoing business practices, to eliminate waste and maximise the efficiency of our resources. This ensures that we are contributing towards the reduction of emissions and thereby working towards protection of our planet for future generations. With every new customer account opened we pledge to plant a tree in a reforestation scheme. We have changed to bio-degradable pouches and airpacks. We are a member of the Ringmaster Metropolitan Police scheme and this scheme intends to re-establish and consolidate the important partnership between police and community.  We also participate in the sponsorship of a local youngster’s sports team.

AAS Environmental Management
As part of our ongoing initiative to train and develop our personnel, we have compiled an environmental awareness programme that allows us to monitor activities and where applicable make ongoing changes to procedures. We actively look to recruit staff into roles that fit with their home and personal life. We run quarterly staff team building events and have an ongoing health and safety, fire training and first aid assessments and audits to protect all staff within their working environment.

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